COPA-DATA company is our new business partner

We are pleased to inform that starting from 2017.02.28 our company has joined Partner Community of COPA-DATA company.

COPA-DATA is the technological leader for  ergonomic and dynamic process solutions. Founded in 1987 company, has developed in its headquarters in Austria software zenon for: HMI/SCADA, dynamic production reports and intergated PLC systems.  The company offers zenon software through its offices in Europe, North America and Asia, as well as via partners and distributors throughout the world.

Thanks to decentralized corporate structure, the customers have possibility of direct contact with local company representatives, as well as possibility of gaining local sales and technical support. COPA-DATA, as independent and adapting itself to new conditions company, acts quickly and constantly raises its functionality and user-friedliness standards. It’s also the leader setting trends in the market. Over 100 000 installed systems in more than 50 countries have ensured completely new automatics to companies from food industry, in energy & infrastructure sector, as well as in automotive and pharmaceutical industry.

Zenon is a family of varied COPA-DATA company products that introduces ergonomic process solutions in many industries, from sensors to ERP.
It comprises the following:

  • zenon Analyzer,
  • zenon Supervisor,
  • zenon Operator,
  • zenon Logic.

Zenon Analyzer is a solution enabling to create individualized reports (e.g.: concerning usage, downtime, KPI) basing on IT and automation data.

Zenon Supervisor, independent  SCADA system that enables comprehensive process monitoring and redundant systems control, also in complex nets and via remote access.

Zenon Operator, as HMI system, grants safe machine control and provides simple and intuitive operation, including Multi-Touch.

Zenon Logic, which is integrated PLC system based on IEC 61131-3, provides optimum process control and logical processing.

Product family zenon, as platform-independent process solutions portfolio, smoothly integrates with existing automated technology and IT environments, as well as offers set-up wizards software and patterns for easy configuration and easy migration from other systems. Characteristic feature of the product family zenon is the rule: “parametrization instead of programming”.