We are where there were no ready-made solutions before us. We will adapt to your needs at every stage of work.


Without it, it is difficult to find optimal solutions. We are not afraid of your ideas, we are open to talking about budgets.


Success is always common. We do not use small print, we share experience so that you always feel safe with us.


We're flexible, but predictable. We operate as a project: we plan, report, cooperate, reduce risks, approve.

Where do we start?

Each project starts with a need.

We want to get to know her well to offer you the best solution. If you know what you need, tell us!
If these needs are yet to be identified, we offer our experience. We will collect the available materials, set goals, success criteria and select leading concepts. We will assess the cost-effectiveness and choose the optimal solutions. We’ll run simulations and tests if we have to.

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What does the valuation process look like?

Once we know your needs, our team develops solutions. We stay in touch! We will discuss the concept with your team on an ongoing basis. We are specialists in automation, you know your process best. We want to listen to you because the application is being created for you.

  • We will adapt the design to your standards
  • We are not afraid to talk about budgets
  • We will find a solution that is technically and cost-effectively optimal
  • We’ll take your comments into account
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Do I have a guarantee of success?

We face various challenges. Some of them require very complicated solutions. Will we choose the most optimal? How do you know they’ll work? We know how to find the answer. For years we have been developing our research and development laboratory, for the most demanding projects we propose a model of conceptual work:

  • We will test key solutions
  • We’ll prepare a simulation.
  • We’ll make prototypes.
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Next steps?

We're starting the project.

We divide it into stages, approve the schedule and design documents. Our team works, consults key solutions and reports periodically. Each phase takes place for your comments, each is subject to approval. We remain flexible at each stage and our business relationships and experience in applying solutions of all leading suppliers allow us to minimize disruptions in supply chains.

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The concept
Installation and tests
Final acceptance
Post-commissioning support
Maintenance and service

What if my needs change?

We are ready for it.

This may be an unusual situation for you, it is nothing new in our work. When designing our solutions, we not only respond to needs, but we overtake them. We focus on modular solutions, because automation is a continuous process. We work in such a way that we do not close the door to changes at every stage of work – even after the project is completed.

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Commissioning, support and service

Stay in touch!

When your application is ready, a series of tests are completed with pre-commissioning. We are still ready for the last adjustments before the final acceptance. However, even it does not mean the end of cooperation – after submitting your application, we still have post-launch support, warranty and post-warranty service.

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