smart automation 37

Design and construction of machinery and equipment

In response to the needs of our partners, we have gained many years of experience in constructing machines, equipment and production lines. We carry out projects comprehensively, from the drawing board to the maintenance of the finished machine, giving you control over the entire process.

robotyzacja procesów

Robotization of processes

Od wielu lat opracowujemy rozwiązania oparte o roboty przemysłowe. Mamy doświadczenie we wdrażaniu robotów wielu klas: manipulatory przegubowe, ramiona wieloosiowe, coboty, roboty SCARA, roboty trzyramienne typu delta, układy kartezjańskie, autonomiczne wózki mobilne.

smart automation 35

Industrial IT systems

13 years of experience in building superior control systems allows us to support partners in a wide range of their applications.

Koncepcje maszyn i analiza wykonalności 13

Machine concepts and feasibility analysis

We face various challenges. Some of them require very complicated solutions. Will we choose the most optimal? Do we have complete information? Do you get a guarantee of success? We know how to find the answer.

Programowanie systemów sterowania

Programming of control systems

In cooperation with partners representing various industries, we develop and implement control, visualization and overriding control systems for machines and production lines.

Elektryka i automatyka

Electricity and automation

We will build cabinets and electrical switchboards for your needs. We deal comprehensively with the design and implementation of automation systems in accordance with the developed guidelines, or we work on the basis of the entrusted documentation.

Koncepcje maszyn i analiza wykonalności

Vision systems

Industrial machinery should not be blind. Smart Automation supports partners with advanced image analysis solutions.

Relocation of machines and technological lines

Optimizing the plant's operation may require the relocation of machines and technological lines to a new location. We will carry out an efficient relocation of your machines and devices.

Modernizacje, rewitalizacje i retrofitting maszyn

Maintenance, service and modernization of automation systems

Maintenance of the service department may not always be economically justified. This does not mean that you have to give up professional service.

Doradztwo techniczne i optymalizacja procesów

Technical consulting and process optimization

Our experience is to serve the development of the industry. We want to share it with partners by promoting the highest standards in our areas of activity.