Complete process control

We have many years of experience in implementing industrial systems:

  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)
  • PLMS (Production Line Management System),
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System),
  • MCS (Main Control System)

We will implement solutions best suited to your needs. We will adapt to your standards, or offer software of our partners.

  • Smart Automation: Smart+
  • Siemens: WinCC
  • Rockwell: RSView
  • Wonderware: Intouch
  • Copa-data: zenon
  • Askom: Asix
  • Proficy: iFIX
Przemysłowe systemy informatyczne


Experience in programming systems of all leading manufacturers allowed us to develop and implement our proprietary Smart+ system

  • Monitoring of quality parameters,
  • Measurement of efficiency indicators,
  • Archiving of process data,
  • Analysis of micro stoppages,
  • Reporting and comparison,
  • Alarms and notifications,
  • Monitoring the consumption of production media,
  • Vibrodiagnostics, condition control of machines,
  • Building automation management

Unique benefits

Projektowanie i budowa maszyn i urządzeń

Flexible licensing

Projektowanie i budowa maszyn i urządzeń 12

Access from any device in the plant network

Projektowanie i budowa maszyn i urządzeń 13

A range of communication drivers

Projektowanie i budowa maszyn i urządzeń 14

Full control of the system, no artificial constraints

Projektowanie i budowa maszyn i urządzeń 15

One common system for different areas and processes

In response to the needs of our partners, we have gained many years of experience in constructing machines, equipment and production lines. We carry out projects comprehensively, from the drawing board to the maintenance of the finished machine, giving you control over the entire process.

The company is a supplier of applications for the food, automotive, furniture, construction, paper, chemical and many others industries.

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